SBCP (Stop being Couch Potatoes)


SBCP is a strategic partnership, (Erasmus +, Key Action 2) coordinated by Slovakia.

The Europe 2020 strategy commits EU Member States to lifting at least 20 million people out of poverty and social exclusion. This target is now likely to be missed due to the fact that since the crisis the share of people at risk of social exclusion has increased. To tackle the worsening situation, the EU Youth Strategy 2010-2018 was developed with the objective of providing opportunities in education and the labour market and to support young people becoming active citizens.

Duration: 24 months. 10/2018 – 09/2021


  • The aim is to work on adequate learning methods, in partner countries, how to develop social and entrepreneurial skills for adults named NEETs (Not in Education, Employment or Training).


  • Good practices guide – analysis / research
  • Online collaborative Platform
  • Scenarios for local workshops on the development of competences
  • Toolbox for trainers and NEET
  • CV Video
  • Webinars

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Coordinator: Transfer Slovensko

Partner countries: Slovakia, Czech Republic, Spain, Romania, France and Poland.