SLACC: Stop Lies About Climate Change

Stop Lies About Climate Change is a cooperation project (Erasmus+, Key Action 2) coordinates by France (Eurocircle).

Period: 1st of November 2021 to 31st of October 2023 (2 years)

Targeted audience: Social/youth workers, 18/25 years old

Main goal: SLACC aims to empower youth as climate change ambassadors and give them the resources to counter populist beliefs and misinformation.

Specifics goals:

  • To develop a training for youth workers by equipping them by equipping them with digital tools and pedagogical methods to strengthen the detection of climate misinformation among youth.   
  • Prepare youth to become ambassadors for the defence of our planet’s interest against destructive practises.
  • Strengthen young people’s critical thinking and communication skills needed to expose global warming lies, misinformation and misappropriation of scientific information.
  • Prepare young people for European mobility by discovering local volunteering and non-formal education methods.


  • A compilation of the most common myths and misinformation about climate change and their scientific explanations. 
  • An online platform and mobile app containing digital educational materials, quizzes, and useful puzzles to debunk climate change misinformation and promote environmental awareness.
  • Awareness training on detecting misinformation through non-formal educational methods.

Contact :


Coordinator: Eurocircle (France)

Partners countries: France, Italy, Bulgaria, Austria, Cyprus, Germany, Slovenia