SLACC: Stop Lies About Climate Change

Stop Lies About Climate Change is a cooperation project (Erasmus+, Key Action 2) coordinates by France (Eurocircle).


LEARN will develop a strategic systematic approach to the transformation of organisations into learning workplaces, recognising that employees spend a lot of time at work, therefore they should be able to learn at work. The project aims to develop a set of activities, processes and tools that will transform an organisation into a learning workplace.


 1st of November 2021 to 31st of October 2023 (2 years)

Target audience

Social/youth workers, 18/25 years old


> Development of a positive attitude of employers towards the transformation of their organisations into learning workplaces as well as the development of a positive attitude of employees in participating in transformational activities.

> Development and validation of the transversal skills of the employees, thus designing effective continuous training to meet current and future skills needs and an ISO certified assessment tool to assess these skills


> A compilation of the most common myths and misinformation about climate change and their scientific explanations.

> An online platform and mobile app containing digital educational materials, quizzes, and useful puzzles to debunk climate change misinformation and promote environmental awareness.

> Awareness training on detecting misinformation through non-formal educational methods.

Partners involved


 Eurocircle (France)


 France, Italy, Bulgaria, Austria, Cyprus, Germany, Slovenia


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