Stop being couch potatoes

Are you a couch potatoes?

The project “Stop being couch potatoes” just started last month in Katowice Poland. All the partners from Spain, Romania, France, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland were together to discuss the first step of the project whose aim is to develop the entrepreneurial and social skills of young people and mainly young NEETS.

The two-day meeting allowed the partners to discuss the methodology to develop the first two intellectual outputs which are a good practice guide and an online collaborative platform.

The guide will enable to creation of a network of role models (young entrepreneurs from the partner countries) who have a successful path toward entrepreneurship and can influence and support young NEETS to start the process. The Platform will be the main online tool in which both NEETS and trainers can have access and practice online different modules to develop skills (NEETS) and to evaluate skills (Trainers).

The project will last 2 years and will allow the partners to develop several productions and activities that will be tested and implemented at local level

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