Story Changers

Story Changers: enhancing pupils’ social skills and enriching teaching methods through storytelling and virtual reality


STORY CHANGERS is a strategic partnership (Erasmus +, Key Action 2) coordinated by the Mediterranean Management Center in Cyprus.

The main objective is, in primary school, to facilitate the transition between traditional-led classes to digital-led classes and nowadays to virtual reality-led classes.


28 months (02/2021 – 05/2023)


> To allow for the development of basic social skills among pupils through storytelling and virtual reality methods

> To acquaint pupils and teachers with innovative teaching / learning methods

> To upgrade teachers skills and facilitate digital-led and virtual-led classes

> To promote diversity, respect and tolerance at school enhancing key social skills such as empathy emotion management or problem solving)

> Development and validation of the transversal skills of the employees, thus designing effective continuous training to meet current and future skills needs and an ISO certified assessment tool to assess these skills


> A good practice guide about storytelling and virtual reality practices worldwide

> Creation of YOU TELL stories: highly impactful and amusing international experiences about which pupils can react and discuss with the teachers

> Adaptation of the YOU TELL stories within virtual reality: creation of the innovative tools to allow the pupils to lead the YOU TELL stories towards the end that they will choose (interactive’ ’open-to-the-readers-decisions’’ stories)

> Curriculum and Methodological Guide for teachers: how to combine storytelling and virtual reality in teaching methods to enhance pupils’ social skills

Partners involved


M.M.C. Management Center Limited (Cyprus)


Cyprus, France, Greece, Spain, Malta


communication supports


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