The mentoring process in SYMPATIC

The mentor is a senior and experienced professional who plays a fundamental role in guaranteeing the pedagogical effectiveness of the work-based learning experiences, as he/she accompanies the mentee throughout the training pathway, supervising the activities and supporting his/her integration in a mobility pathway and in a host organization.

SYMPATIC tackles the problem of youth unemployment and wants to promote youth mobility as an added value for their professional integration and the role of company mentors as a key contact person on whom young people can rely for advice and networking.

For this reason, the European SYMPATIC project has developed a kit for mentors that contains an analysis of the context and international mobility, which can be used as a tool and catalyst for professional integration. In addition, the kit aims to provide mentors with the basics of soft skills development and mentoring programs with the young people and the job coach, the person who interacts regularly with the sponsor, the tutor and the young person. The appendices also help guide the initial interviews.

The Mentor Kit is translated into five languages (English, Greek, German, French and Italian) and is published in open access on the website of the European project SYMPATIC, co-financed by the Erasmus+ program. It can be consulted at the following address and here: