Training Course “The New Concept of Social Inclusion” at Monténégro

From 13/02/2018 to 20/02/2018, 3 frenchs flew away in Montenegro in beautiful city of Kolašin for work about the topic method of social entrepreneurship.


After a long trip Tuesday 13rd February, we arrived in Kolašin, a small town of 3 thousands residents in the center of Montenegro. Velibor (call “the King of the mountain”) we ousted the training course.  We was 20 participants with persons of Kosovo, Spain, Latvia, Serbia and Italia. Next day, we began the training by team building activities for create harmony inside group.


After the discussion about the topic by Jelena us trainer, we began to work on us topic in relationship with migrants and refugees.

We made 2 productions. First, we made a booklet. It consist of stories of social entrepreneurship by countries. French group worked about the company ‘Meet my Mama”. (It’s a beautiful company, look for this one)

Second, we worked by group (5 persons by group), where we realised an activity (Workshops) during 1 hour. Workshops permitted for every participants to put yourself in a trainer. Grace imagination, creativity, and energy of all participants, all activities was successful despite stress and the short time for preparation.

We was going in a sky station of Kolašin.

We was snowshoeing in national park Biogradska. We participated tango course in national tango school in Kolašin.


The training course was strong on meeting and emotional. All participants brought knowledges, dynamism and smile. It’s successful.