Training courses


The educational activities and the team of trainers made this week very productive. I learned new techniques for providing inclusive activities, and was able to reflect on a personal and professional level how to successfully achieve this goal.

What is a training course?

This mobility represents an opportunity for youth workers to share experiences, collective expertise and mutual enrichment. It aims to support the professional development of youth workers and thus develop the skills of participants.

Indeed, confronting one’s practices to those of other European volunteers or professionals allows to reinforce European cooperation in the youth field and to increase skills. For youth workers, it is a real added value: discovery of other pedagogical methods, networking, international teamwork, development of new skills…

Getting involved in one of these activities is a factor of recognition and valorisation of their work and also contributes to the recognition of non-formal education of young people and to lifelong learning.

How to participate?

Pour participer contactez-nous par téléphone ou par mail