« We have the same beat! », The dissemination conference.

On November the 22nd, Eurocircle was pleased to host the local dissemination conference planned within the frame of the ERASMUS + strategic partnership « We have the same beat! ».


This project has involved 3 European organizations and 30 youngsters with and without special needs in the common pursuit of an awareness raising                action regarding issues faced by disabled young people and young people with less opportunities. In an attempt to encourage inclusion of these discrimination sensitive, equal opportunity unfamiliar publics, young people from France, Italy and Romania have gathered during three intercultural exchanges to share their views on the theme of inclusion, be introduced to diverse artistic practices and achieve a final performance mingling graphic and plastic arts with dance and theatre, combining an artistic dimension with an awareness raising objective.


The conference retraced the steps of the project using participants and organizers feedbacks as a starting point, and provided with an opportunity to present the « Leave a sign ! » activity guide co-edited by partner organizations  in order to broadcast some of the best-working workshops and activities that were used during the three successive trainings. For this purpose, 40 activities were selected and detailed so as to be easily reproduced and readapted to different publics and contexts. A copy of the guide has been handed over to each participant. This way, the partnership intends to disseminate benefits and good practices from the project at a maximum rate. Although the project will officially end next January, this conference will allow its impact will carry on multiplying long afterwards.

Download here the multilingual guide