WECAN (Women’s Entrepreneurship CoAches training)


WECAN is a strategic partnership (Erasmus +, Key Action 2) coordinated by France.

The 2008 crisis and the austerity measures taken afterwards have caused high unemployment rates in the European economies. Still today the group aged 30-45 is facing the main barriers to (re)enter the labour market. Generally, women’s enterprises have lower growth expectations and higher rates of discontinuance. WECAN will boost women’s entrepreneurial capacity, empowering the would-be entrepreneurs or those with a newly established business. WECAN will increase quality Adult Education provision to adult women out of employment thanks to an innovative coaching programme that will equip new coaches with updated and relevant methods and tools to support, empower and encourage female entrepreneurial activity.

Duration : 24 months (11/2019 – 11/2021)


  • Develop basic and transversal entrepreneurial skills, using a tailored coaching programme
  • Increase the sense of initiative and entrepreneurial mindset among female adults would-be or young entrepreneurs
  • Promote unconventional and informal learning to build self-confidence, brake barriers and empower female adults out of employment
  • Develop a coaching programme that enhances both coaches and mentees, developing new and creative tools that will improve the learning experience of the mentee and the coaching skills of experienced female entrepreneurs
  • An open European education and training area thanks to the use of innovative ICT, open educational resources (OER) within the e-platform that will be freely available.


  • The WECAN methodological guide for coaching adult women in sense of initiative and entrepreneurship
  • The WECAN Curriculum Programme with Innovative training materials
  • WECAN e-learning pack: an e-learning platform that will offer the wider community access to follow the course and get all the knowledge developed plus a diploma

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Contact: cooperation@eurocircle.info

Coordinator: Eurocircle (France)

Partner countries: Greece, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Republic of North Macedonia