Youth exchanges

Youth exchanges


The ten days were very emotional! You too can choose your favourite theme and take part in an Erasmus+ youth exchange that will change your life!

What is an intercultural exchange?

Exchanges offer groups of young people living in a country of the European Union, the Mediterranean, the Caucasus, the Balkans and Russia, the opportunity to meet and get to know each other better. These meetings take place outside of school, university or professional training structures. They have an educational aim and require the involvement of young people at all stages of the project.

During an exchange, participants organise and take part in a series of activities (e.g. workshops, debates, simulation games, outdoor activities, etc.) around a theme of common interest. The project can deal with a wide range of themes: the fight against exclusion, racism and xenophobia, art and culture, the environment, heritage protection, media and youth information, health, solidarity economy, sport, etc.

The meeting can take place in France or in one of the other partner countries of the project.

The group of participants is accompanied by a “youth leader”, a person who already has experience of intercultural exchange, who speaks English and who is there to facilitate the journey and the development of the exchange.

An exchange is : 

An opportunity to practice English and also to be accompanied by an English-speaking leader (no English level requirement for participants).

The possibility to go abroad and discover activities, to live a collective experience (16 to 60 young people aged 13 to 30). A way to open up to others, to learn with and through others.

All the activities are interactive and participative, the leaders use non-formal education so that everyone contributes to the activities

How to participate?

In order to participate in an intercultural exchange with Eurocircle, you need to submit a complete application form and pay the membership fee, participation fee and a deposit. Please contact our team to receive the application form.

Exchanges are open to all, no diploma requirements.